Genesis Post Teasers

This plugin auto generates post teasers for Genesis blog style homepages. Visit the homepage of this site to see it in action.

== Description ==

This plugin auto generates post teasers for Genesis blog style homepages. Easily display X amount of full posts before the teasers with following posts being excepts. The Genesis Theme Framework is Required.

== Installation ==

1. Upload the entire `genesis-post-teasers` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Navigate to the `Genesis > Theme Settings` menu
4. Configure Options for ‘Homepage Teasers’

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What happens when I select Use Custom CSS? =

This plug in adds additional markup to style the post teasers. Selecting ‘Use Custom CSS’ will not load any the CSS provided and require you to add your own to your child theme’s style.css. By default The post teasers will be displayed in pairs side by side.

= The plug in seems to have done nothing for my site =

Make sure you have enabled posts teasers by checking ‘Enable teasers on home page?’ and ‘Default CSS’ selected.

*NOTE – This plug in will not work for widgetized homepages.

== Changelog ==

= 0.9 =
* Initial Beta Release

= =
* Bug fix: Fixes an issue in which plug-in will break site using a mobile theme like WPtouch.

Download: Genesis Post Teasers


    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Glad it is working great. I am going to look into the crashing with WPtouch. This is only when the plugin is active correct?
      Thank you for the feedback!


  1. says

    I’m writing a Gnesis Child Theme to be be sold. Obviously it will be GPL.
    I would like to incorporate your plugin so that the theme users will find the teaser option already built in.

    If you have nothing against it I would add a link directly in the Teaser’s option box in the Genesis Options to your (very helpful) Genesis Tutoria.
    Someting like: Courtesy of Genesis Tutorial (all linked to this site).

    Do you agree?


    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Totally agree. This code is actually was part of a child theme I was coding and because I been busy with other things to finish I turned this specific code into a plug-in. So I would love to see it built into a child theme released.

      Also thanks! When I started this site was hoping it to be. Haven’t written much to it lately but I am working on a refresh of the site and hook guide (and adding it to a bigger project of mine.) – so look forward to that as well.

  2. Wendy says

    I love the plug-in and how it displays on the home page, but am having some trouble with how it filters over to “page 2″… I have it set to display 1 full post and 2 teasers on the home page. Right now, I have 4 total posts, so the third one is getting pushed to “page 2”. That would be fine except is it still displaying in teaser format (i.e., smaller box that takes up half the available width). How can I adjust the settings of this page 2?

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Currently there are no options in the plug-in to control the settings on secondary pages, but is definitely something I will look into including in the next release. For now the CSS below should do the trick – Just place it into your child theme’s “style.css” file.

      .paged #content .post-teasers-pair .post {
          width: auto;
  3. Dave says

    Plugin is great. A quick question about referencing the full post(s) on the homepage… I want to refer to the first full post only in PHP so I can attach some code only to that individual item. How would I do that – php wise? Not sure of the code. Thanks again for the plugin.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Currently you would need to modify the plug in.

      On line 101 in genesis-post-teasers/genesis-post-teasers.php you will find

       the_content(__( $readmore_link, 'genesis')); 

      This is the code that displays the full posts. To display extra info to the first only full post you will need to add something like:

      if ( $loop_counter == 0 ) {
           echo " WHAT YOU WANT HERE";
      the_content(__( $readmore_link, 'genesis'));

      I am working on an update to the plug-in that takes advantage of hooks and filters to make it more flexible for developers and easier for me to maintain. But for now you would need to use the steps above.

  4. says

    Chris- Was I surprised to find this. And happy. I am using the News child theme here: But I can’t get it to work. I see it does if I use straight Genesis.
    Oh, now I see your “*NOTE – This plug in will not work for widgetized homepages.”
    Any suggestions? Or plans to remedy that?

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Yes, won’t work with wigetized home pages. The plugin works off modifying the loop. Widgetized homepage have no loop to work with most the time. I am however thinking of making an update that includes a widget to can be used.

      Anyways, depending what you exactly want on your homepage you could just rename/remove home.php in the News child theme folder. This will revert the homepage to fall back to the index.php home page style which this plugin then can interact with.

      • says

        Hi Christopher,

        I’m using news child theme of StudioPress. But there were some problem regarding homepage. The posts were not visible in default. I searched in Google for solution for it and found your blog. And just read your above comment and it is really helpful. I got full hints from your comment. I modified home.php with some tweaks and it works now!

        Thanks for your help and this helpful plugin.

  5. says

    Thanks for the tip, Chris. I changed the home.php file and it works fine. Of course I loose showing the teasers by category and the client wants to keep that.

  6. beniamino says

    beautiful solution. It was what I wanted. But I am preparing my blog with Prose, I can use the same plugin?


  7. beniamino says

    (scusa l’inglese se non è buono)

    Ciao, bellissimo plugin. Lo sto utilizzando con Prose e mi sembra molto funzionale. Però ho una difficolta:
    ho impostato
    “default css”
    How many full posts before teaser = 1
    width e height = 300 x 450
    Include thumbnails on teasers = si

    ma il primo articolo me lo mostra solo con il titolo metre io vorrei che mostrasse almeno 300 caratteri e dopo avere il “leggi tutto”.
    Come posso fare, mi puoi aiutare?



    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      I’m sorry, my italian isn’t the greatest so I apologize if I didn’t understand you correctly.

      If I understand right, you want the first full post to not show entirely and only an excerpt. Currently It isn’t supported and you would need to hack the plugin.

      Tto change the first post to show only a certain number of characters open up the genesis-post-teasers.php file in the plugin folder and change line 101 from

       the_content(__( $readmore_link, 'genesis')); 


       the_content_limit( 300, 'Read more' ) ); 

      I like this idea and will incorporate in the next release.

  8. says

    I am totally a novice here. But how I wish that this plugin also comes with a slider options or something like jquery options for images. Sounds crazy a little bit I know, just come to to think of it, this is exactly what I am looking, something that will make a two column excerpt posts, with one at the top (which I also wish to have an excerpt options as well) and the top most will be an image slider, which is like the featured gallery content which is very difficult to use and implement.

    This will make the plugin, one of the most valuable plugin out there that will really make homepages great. And also give a head start for novices like me.

    Just giving you the idea guys. I strongly believe you can do it. I am not a coder which I really wish I am, to make this great plugin the best for homepages.

  9. says

    Another idea is, why not put an option to post a “STATIC Content” at the top most part, which can be a good introduction for the website. In this way, the only moving and keeps on changing part are parts below it.

  10. Katie says

    I like this plugin, but I’m having an issue with the images. I checked the thumbnail option and choose an image size, but the images are still really large.
    I was also curious if it was possible to only show an image and not a post excerpt?

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Hm, depending on when you added the images, and when you added the custom image size WordPress may not have actually created an image at that size to use. I would Try and see if that works for you. Let me know if that fixes the issues, I will be looking into any possible bugs with it though.

      Also, I like your idea about showing only the image. I have got a lot great suggestions and I am hoping if this weekend isn’t as crazy as the others I will work on an update to the plugin and include this.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Honestly, haven’t had the chance to test. Once I do I will let you know, but if still broken when 1.6 drops I’ll surely make an update to keep it working while I continue to work on other updates to the plugin.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Loren, it was a bug that cause the settings box to not appear, Latest version now works with 1.6b. I also threw in some extra features and took advantage of the grid loop. Check it out and let me know what you think :).

  11. says

    Hi Christopher-

    Not sure what I did but I upgraded wordpress and after that my teasers stopped working properly. I want one full post and then teasers. I just upgraded the plug in but something is still “off”. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      I’ve added a few new options to the plugin to give much more control. I’d take a look and make sure you have it set to have one featured post. Also if you are building off the sample child v1.5 try using Child theme CSS, since the latest child theme now supports the teaser styles right out the box. If not try using the plugin css and tweaking it. If you could send me a link I’d gladly check it out.

  12. azra says

    I just update the plugins and now it doesnt work properly. I wanted to have pairs but I couldnt do it anymore. Please help me..

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      What version of Genesis are you running? I made the latest update compatible with 1.5+ to take advantage of the new grid loop feature and help minimize the amount of code and make maintenance easier. If you need to be on an early version of Genesis for whatever reason I do still have the previous version available.

      If you are running the latest version of genesis make sure “use Plug-in CSS” is checked. This will use some default CSS I had set up in the plugin to display your posts in two columns.

  13. Rafael says

    I want to ask you for one thing. I use your post teaser, and in teasers my text isn’t formated. There don’t work meta-tags. How make post text formatted? And something else… I see space (20px) between teasers, I mean:

    [1 2]
    [3 4]

    Can you help me? What div should it will be? Thanks!

  14. David says

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    I would like to remove the continue reading / read more off the screen but no matter what I do I can’t get rid of the 3 dots … and the link.

    What do I need to edit to remove the 3 dots …?


  15. Gavin Kromhout says

    Hi Christopher,

    I had to add exclusions for the case of exactly 1 post and 0 teasers in a category.
    This is for version 1.0.2, if you would like to include this in a new release or have a better fix please let me know, as I can’t find any other way to get in contact, thanks Gavin.

  16. says

    Genesis Teaser plugin doesn’t work well in Nomad Free Child theme of Genesis. Once installed, the sidebar goes down.

    I hope that Studiopress will be able to fix this.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      I haven’t taken a look at this, but I have fixed an issue similar to this that I was seeing. v1.0.3.1 should have the fix. for the next release I will be going through all the new major Child Theme releases and making sure they are compatible.

    • says

      I think I figured out that thumbnails that I use more than once only show up with the original post on this plugin, not repeatedly. Sometimes I reuse my images, that seems to be the problem. Thanks for a great plugin.

      • Profile photo of Christopher says

        Ah, yes, if you use the same link from another post the image won’t show up since it’s not attached to the posts gallery. The best way to ensure to have an image and what image appears is to set a featured image to each post. Glad you like it!

  17. Patrick says

    I think there is something wrong with this plugin. I updated it tonight and it completely reset my entire Genesis theme and the changes I make to the plugin won’ take. I had to uninstall and tried to install older version but no luck. I can’t get anything to work now…..

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Yes, sorry about that, I accidentally pushed up some bad code that if you weren’t using a custom height or width it just wouldn’t load any the custom css. The latest update Version fixes this. Let me know if you are still having issues with that version, but all should be fine.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      My apologies, This was another bug. I am moving the settings back to the main genesis theme settings page for the time being. Thanks for the tip. will fix this now. Tried putting a bug fix in while working on v1.1 and ended up creating a few more bugs.

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      This looks to be a bug on category pages. genesis_grid_loop() may be loosing the query on paged. I’ll take a look into it and push up and send you a fix to test ASAP.

  18. says

    Hi Christopher,
    first of all – thank you for your wonderful plugin. I searched 5 hours for a solution, i wish i had seen the plugin earlier 😉

    how can i edit the code to show a Heading before the teasers?
    “Recent Entries:”

    Also I noticed that there is literally no space between Widget “Home Bottom” and you plugin.
    Can i modify that too?

    Thank you so much for your support!

    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      I am glad my plugin was helpful!

      The title before the teasers is a good idea, in the next update I will add a hook before them as well as in a few other areas. I think quite a few people could benefit from this. For now you should be able to use the genesis_loop hook with a priority of less than 10 to add a title before.

      With the spacing before the teasers, they are wrapped in a div with the id of “post-teasers”. You can use this to target it in your child theme’s style.css and add a margin-bottom.

      • says


        thank you for your reply!
        I managed to customize the plugin to my needs, it’s so great. I really appreciate your work! Not only with the plugin, but with this whole website. Studiopress is so hard for PHP-Newbies.

        Since I customized my Post Info and Post Meta (translation into german language), the functionalities “Disable Post Info” and “Disable Post Meto” were not working. I had to add a function to Genesis Simple Hooks Plugin to remove them again in the teasers.

        This was a lot of testing but finally it works and I’m happy 😀

        All the best!

  19. says

    Hey Christopher,
    I’m working on a demo site using the Genesis Associates theme. I have a separate blog page but when I active the Genesis Post Teasers plug in it pushes my sidebar down. On the studiopress forum they say there is an unclosed div. Can you help with this please?

    I’ve used your plugin on several sites and it’s always worked perfectly. This site is different in that the blog page is not the home page and it’s a different theme.

    Looking forward to your reply. Hopefully soon :)


  20. says

    I recently upgraded to the new Genesis version and updated this plugin as well. Unfortunately, the plugin no longer respects the: “Do not show teasers in pairs” setting.

    Can you advise?

      • says

        worked like a champ, but now the image is now showing up on the teaser when I have the “included featured image on teasers” un-checked. Interesting, do you have any thoughts?


  21. says

    Hi Christopher!

    I’m a newbie blogger who just installed Genesis 2.0 and admit I’m rather bumbling along trying to figure out how things work and how to get things to look the way I want. Was THRILLED, though, to find your Post Teasers plugin. Merci! … A few questions for you–two”on topic”; the other slightly “off” :)

    1. Is there anyway to adjust the settings so that the excerpts also show the formatting (with e.g. h2 subheads, bulleted lists, etc.) that appear in the full posts themselves? [What I’m ultimately hoping for is to have my excerpts appear with proper formatting as they do on Copyblogger.]

    2. Is there also a way to adjust the settings so that I can choose where the text cuts out on each post? [Again, I’d love to have my excerpts appear as on Copyblogger with the excerpts ending at the end of a full sentence and not necessarily cutting off mid-sentence and/or arbitrarily at the end of a certain number of characters.]

    3. For some reason my Comment box just says “Speak Your Mind” and has an empty box for readers to fill in. But it won’t allow readers to put in their name, email, and website. And it won’t all for a little checkbox with “Notify me of followup comments” functionality–as you have appearing here. Any idea how to adjust the settings to fix this? [I’ve tried using the Jetpack Comment plugin, but that doesn’t seem to fix the issue either.]

    Sorry to have gone on at such ridiculous length! But I’ll be terribly grateful for any help you can provide. And eager to publicize your AWESOMENESS! :)


    • Profile photo of Christopher says

      Hi Play!

      1 & 2 ) The way Copyblogger gets the formatting with the excerpts is using a WordPress feature, ‘the more tag‘. My plugin will only support this in the full feature posts. This also will allow you to break the content exactly where you wish. Another way to have specific text before the break is to use the manual excerpt field. With this, the teasers will respect the excerpt and use that instead of the automatic trimming, allowing your to craft custom excerpts for each teaser. Excerpts however do not allow html formatting by default.

      3 ) When logged into WordPress these fields will actually be hidden since WordPress already has the information. Also using the jetpack comment plugin these fields will be hidden until the reader clicks on the comment box, and if not logged into the network, or your site, will have the fields to fill out. For the “Notify me of followup comments” functionality I have on my site I use a plugin by Mark Jaquith called ‘Subscribe To Comments‘.

      I hope this helps!

  22. says

    Hi again, Christopher! Sorry for delayed response. But thanks a million for your detailed reply! All the info has been incredibly helpful. Also, just an fyi that there’s a new plugin called Subscribe To Comments Reloaded 2.0.3. (updated a month ago) that looks like it may offer some improvements on Mark’s. Thought you might like to have a look. Cheers! Play

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