Genesis Functions

A list of genesis functions


This function registers new layouts by modifying the global $_genesis_layouts variable. Usage Parameters $layout_name (required) The name of the layout. $args An array of Arguments. Arguments label Actual name that is displayed in the admin area to select a layout. Default: No Label Selected img Image to be displayed when selecting layout on post page. […]


Description This function expedites the widget area registration process by taking common things, before/after_widget, before/after_title, and doing them automatically. Usage Parameters name – Sidebar name. id – Sidebar id – Must be all in lowercase, with no spaces. description – Text description of what/where the sidebar is. Shown on widget management screen. (Since 2.9) before_widget […]


Info: Pulls an image from the media gallery and returns it. Since: 0.1 Function:genesis_get_image($args = array())


Info: This function looks for a favicon. If it finds one, it will output the proper code in the Since: 0.2.2 Function Contents: Function Info: apply_filters() Filter Info: genesis_pre_load_favicon, genesis_favicon_url