How to Filter the Genesis “Return to Top of Page”

“Back to top” links, though minor, are a great added feature to your site for anyone browsing. With a click, the visitor is returned to the top of the page, saving the need to use the scroll bar or mouse wheel (Your users will thank you for this on long posts). With Genesis, the default text for this link is “Return to Top of Page” which is fine, but Genesis is all about the ability to customize and truly make it your site. To change the text for the “back to top” link, we have this simple filter. Just drop the code below into functions.php and you are done.

add_filter('genesis_footer_backtotop_text', 'custom_footer_backtotop_text');
function custom_footer_backtotop_text($backtotop) {
    $backtotop = '[footer_backtotop text="Top"]';
    return $backtotop;

This example will change the text to just simply say “Top” to have it say what you want change Top in text="Top".


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