Find code snippets, tutorials and tips & tricks for The genesis Theme Framework bf Studiopress.

This site currently is being developed but will soon become an ultimate resource to any developer or user of genesis.


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    Hi Chris,

    I sent you a few tweets about this, but perhaps that’s not the best way to get in touch with you.

    I’m wondering if I can try out your unreleased plugin for the teaser boxes you talked about on the snippets page.

    I tried to use the code you made but I was unsuccesful is getting it to work properly.

    If I can try out the plugin I’ll give you feedback on how well it works for me etc.


    Daniel Simpson Beck

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    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the great presentation last night at WordPress MeetUp. I really learned a lot from the lecture. I disagree with you letting the Genesis tutorial site go. Like it or not your in competition with those guys. If I was them I’d definitely want you to give up on the site because they know the will never beat this domain in the search engine results Ask them if they would like to start placing their tutorials on your site so they can get noticed!

    Boy, that’s a harsh way to start off! ha ha!

    Hope you keep in touch!

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