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How to Add a Logo to the Header

One question I get asked often is how to add a logo to the Genesis header. To add an image logo to your header you ideally would want access to sever files through FTP. However, it is entirely possibly to do with without FTP access by using the media library and the admin file editor […]

Say Hello to the Genesis Visual Hook Guide v2.5

The Genesis Visual Hook Guide, developed for myself, released to the public, originally was just a sample functions.php file I used to test snippets for Genesis, however it quickly grew to more than that. At first, the Hook Guide was just a series of images that I snapped of an early version of what it […]

How to Filter the Genesis Post Navigation Text

Sometimes your site may focus on reviews of Academy award winning films, or great recipes from around the world and the word “post” is no longer relevant to your site. What you are writing and your viewers reading aren’t posts, but reviews or recipes, and the post navigation at the bottom of an index page […]

Understanding Genesis Layout Options

One of the ways genesis adds to its flexibility is having the option to choose a layout. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want a content/sidebar layout and would prefer possibly a 3 column layout like sidebar/content/sidebar or vice versa. Also for designers it’s possible to add classes to the body or post at […]

How to create a Custom Template In Genesis

This has to be one my favorite things when building a child theme with the Genesis Framework. The process is simple. We first want to make sure we create a blank file to use as our template. Open up your favorite text editor and lets just start with a blank page. I always name my […]

How to Define Genesis default options

Genesis is a great framework and has some even greater settings and options. However, it may not always be the best idea for the options to be available for a client. Sometimes to many options may be overwhelming or curiosity may strike and experimentation begin.

How to Filter the Byline in Genesis

By default genesis post info includes the date the article was posted, an author link and comments. However every blog may have a different need of exactly what they want displayed here. Some may not even want any of this information displayed. To remove the byline in genesis add the following code to your child’s […]